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Secrets your dog wishes he could tell you
Secrets your dog wishes he could tell you

As pet parents, your puppy’s body language and soft barks probably tell you a lot about how your dog is feeling. After all, you know your little one the best! However, there is a lot more to canine communication than the gentle whines, growls and occasional tail wag. This is mainly because a dog’s body language is very different from a human’s, which ensures that a lot of signals and unsaid requests are lost in translation. Hence we decipher some of the secrets that your canine wishes he could tell you. Take a look-


  1. My wagging tail doesn’t mean I’m always friendly

A lot of people believe that when your pet is wagging its tail, it’s being friendly. This isn’t always the case. Canines holding their tails stiffly with a swift wag can be highly excited or even stressed. It is advised that you look beyond the wag to spot coiled muscles or alert ears. They can hint that your dog isn’t really in a relaxed state.

canine behaviour 1

  1. Please set me a challenge

Canines are clever animals who enjoy being engaged in games that let them think. You could conceal doggie treats around your home for the pooch to find or even give your fur baby fun toys during play time.

malinois and border collie

  1. I love consistency 

Pets are known to be creatures of habit. For instance, while training your dog, if you let him on the bed once, but admonish him the next time he jumps up there, he will wonder why he can’t climb up there every time. Hence, consistency is key.

canine behaviour 2

  1. I’m not a bad dog, I’m just bored!

We all know that leaving a toddler unattended isn’t an option. Well, dogs are much the same as they tend to create a ruckus and make a mess when they aren’t given attention. If your dog is chewing on furniture or gnawing at your favourite slipper he is probably just bored. 

canine behaviour 3

Try and plan some exercise for your pooch like a long walk or a gambol in the local park for your pet will surely be thankful! A little bit of love and attention can go a long way in pleasing your dog!

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