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Stellar performances at the Grand Premier
India’s Best Dancer 2, November 6, 2021, Written Update: Stellar performances at the Grand Premier (Pic Credits: YouTube)

As the show starts, all the contestants of India’s Best Dance 2 deliver excellent performances along with their respective choreographers. The judges Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis, and Geeta Kapoor make their way to the stage with huge applause from the audience. This is followed by the grand entry of the host of the show; Manish Paul.

The first performance is delivered by Muskaan and her choreographer Bhavana. They deliver an absolutely tremendous performance that makes the judges wonder if it is the finale already. The next performance is from Roza and her choreographer Sanam Johar. Their fabulous performance is hugely praised by the judges. Geeta Kapoor bows down to her for the work she has done for the dance industry. This is followed by a funny segment by Manish Paul with the wooden horse.

tennis drills to improve footwork,Milind and his choreographer Chandini are the next performers and they bring one of the most visually exciting performances of the night. Kanchi Shah delivers a stunning performance with her choreographer Paul. After her performance, Terence dances with her mother.

This is followed by a fabulous performance by Raktim and his choreographer Aryan. Geeta Kapoor tells Raktim he is really lucky to have the guidance of Aryan. As the judges learn about the lack of romance in Raktim’s life, they call upon the female choreographers to the stage to show Raktim some romantic vibes.

rising koi slot machine,Next up is Sanket and his choreographer Anuradha. They both deliver an absolutely fantastic performance. Sanket thanks the judges for helping him in raising funds for his father’s treatment. Manish Paul reserves a seat for Saket’s father on the show. The show wraps up, with Manish Paul giving everyone a heads-up about the surprise waiting for them on November 20th.

basketball net mounting bracket,We have watched this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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